Fitato Discovery


Drive awareness and trial of FITATO nationally to establish the FITATO brand as a top 3 brand in the category.

Fitato came to Digilancer looking for support in driving awareness and sales for its fitness services. Their ask was for digilancer to develop a marketing program that drove home Fitato’s benefits and broke through the clutter of a crowded category.

Starting with the Fitato core benefits , Digilancer developed three videos, each optimized for Facebook and each with its own distinct creative direction.




To determine effectiveness of each video, Digilancer worked with Fitato to create a test/control measurement framework.  Each video was served to a mutually exclusive grouping of regions, allowing the team to measure relative performance against each other (and a hold-out control region that wasn’t served any media).

The Results

After 2 weeks, Digilancer was able to identify “capoeira” as the highest performer, driving sales at a higher level than the other two videos.  This sales lift held after Digilancer rolled “capoeira” out nationally, exceeding pre-campaign go.